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Plastics industry

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The environment is everyone's responsibility

Today, we are all aware of the impact of climate change on our daily lives. As a responsible manufacturer, Plastima is committed to respecting its environment and the regulations related to its business sector.

Sustainable development remains at the heart of our concerns, promoting the sorting and recycling of our waste while complying with REACH regulations.

We are also working on several business projects that are part of our commitment to continuous improvement, such as an energy efficiency program oriented towards solar energy.

Our products and environment 

PVC component 100% recyclable

PVC is a 100% recyclable material. We pay special attention to its processing in our production process by controlling its transformation

 Robust products for frequent use

The products we manufacture are specially designed for everyday use, especially for the PVC tablecloth highly praised by households for its practical and decorative side by avoiding a laundry that increases the overconsumption of resources such as electricity or water.

Product packaging optimization

Most of our products are sold in rolls per meter at the retailer or processed by professionals, which considerably reduces the use of packaging. We also use 100% recyclable packaging for our tablecloths sold at retail.

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